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Share on Pinterest We brought in Bob McAtee, author of Facilitated Stretching which has sold over , copies since to answer whether or not personal trainers stretch their clients? This book was the start to my career and many others. Since then, the efficacy of static and most assisted stretching has come under scrutiny and for good reason.

This blog piece is written from the viewpoint that stretching is good — and in the spirit of full disclosure, I teach facilitated stretching seminars for personal trainers to learn safe and effective stretches to use with their clients. Even so, I value differing opinions that help further the discussion and contribute to the pursuit of the best interests of our clients.

Nick Tumminello , founder of Performance U International, is known for his innovative, hybrid fitness training concepts and for his ability to provide simple, honest, and immediately applicable solutions to common problems fitness professionals face.

Gold’s Gym is a wholly owned subsidiary of TRT Holdings. Gold’s Gym was founded in by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California. In , Gold sold the gym for $50, In , the gym .

You have free access to a variety of standard fitness programs, or you can have them customized to your individual goals. You can even have 1-on-1 access with a real, human personal trainer. While priced a little higher than some other options, Changing Shape offers access to real trainers for a customized approach. The workout plans are geared for those with a gym membership or without and diet plans may be tweaked to fit anyone’s individual needs.

You don’t receive 1-on-1 personal training, but there is an excellent forum and many resources that you can use. She’s one of TV’s hardest trainers, taking a no nonsense, in-your-face approach to personal training. While her website has many good resources to help you with your weight loss and workout program, all the advertisements get in the way of the actual personal training.

For those who prefer a video to be able to watch your personal training program, iTrain is not for you – the workouts are downloaded to your MP3 player. There are videos online that show you certain moves to your routine. Continued from above The programs offered by personal trainers vary greatly in customization and options.

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Our private studio allows us to work with clients in an environment where we can show them how to achieve weight loss and improve their health, fitness and wellbeing from the inside out; without feeling intimidated or embarrassed. Traditional gyms do not provide a supportive and educational environment, and this eventually often leads to people giving up and feeling like a failure!

Our personal training method is totally back to front.

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Although these shoes are fabulous, they do not exactly provide the kind of support needed for squatting- even if it is just the bar. Even the most cat-obsessed people would not think to don this feline-themed leotard. This guy is a personal trainer who has decided that all that matters is having sculpted triceps and a six-pack. He forgot that you are not allowed to simply wear whatever you want.

It would be okay if he was somehow wearing it as an ironic statement, but there is no way this guy is a hipster- he is much too much of a jock for that. Great Segway Running on a treadmill is a great way to circumvent bad weather like snow or rain and still get an aerobic workout in. However, some people do not know how to use it. This woman used a segway to ride the treadmill, which to be fair, is how she gets around on the streets. In a way, then, she is practicing her method of getting around, but we doubt that her heart rate is up from baseline.

If anything, it is probably lower.

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View All Joining a gym is a big commitment. And for some people who are losing weight , the decision is intimidating. You need to make an informed decision and consider some important factors before you make the financial investment, sign on the dotted line and join a gym. Which Gym Should I Join? The most important factor in choosing the right gym is finding one that fits your personal needs and goals.

You should think about why you want to join a health club.

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She squinted, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark parking lot that was nearly empty by now. She had complained to the boy at the front desk about the burnt-out street lamp weeks ago. He had told her there was nothing he could do about it since the gym didn’t handle anything outside the building. She stood outside of her large Yukon while she fished through her crowded purse for the keys. She was alone in the parking lot, except for the man who was approaching her from behind.

He had been walking by the building and had noticed her through the large glass wall running on the treadmill. He had watched her run while he fondled himself.

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Trainer and nutritionist Sports: Yoga, jogging, gym, TRX Hobbies: Cooking, documentary films, history, reading, dancing English: If you really want to know, who I am, take a look at my smile and my happy eyes, which are like mirrors of my personality.

2 Change Your Your Life.® Gold’s Gym has been the authority on fitness since dating back to the original Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. It was the place for serious fitness.

Behold, we bring you the Top 40 Over 40 Fitness Pros, who share their secrets to staying fit and maintaining optimal health at the big and beyond! Introduced to yoga as a child by her mother, Amy has been teaching yoga as a spiritual discipline since As a staff teacher for the Yoga Studies Institute, Amy travels around the world to lead workshops and teacher trainings.

Amy lives in Bucks County, Pa. She helps students integrate yoga, meditation and wisdom teachings into their day-to-day lives though online courses and in-person trainings. She may be in her mid s, but Ann Smith moves like a graceful something on the dance floor. Following in the footsteps of her mother, an interpretive dancer during the Isadora Duncan period, Ann has been teaching dance for more than 50 years, working in cities such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and New York.

For the past 10 years, Ann has traveled the country teaching guest classes as an ambassador for the Plus Fitness organization of Palo Alto, Calif. Ann has three children, seven grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. A passionate animal welfare advocate, Beth helped Los Angeles pass a mandatory spay and neuter ordinance that set an example for the entire nation. With 18 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Desi Bartlett is a dynamic motivator and widely sought after international presenter.

Desi holds advanced certifications in yoga, personal training, pre- and post-natal fitness and group fitness.

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Click to print Opens in new window https: These kick-butt gals run blogs that promote their physical activities of choice—from yoga to running to aerobics—along with body acceptance and self love. To help women of all sizes get healthier, gain energy, and learn to love their bodies without depriving themselves. The site includes fun workouts, recipes, and inspiration for women who have continually struggled with weight loss and need support. With a background in group fitness and personal training, Green is an avid plus-athlete and proponent of the body positive movement.

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