Myford ML7 Spares

Myford ML7 Spares

I have not included the thread since I have to change my settings from daily digest to individual. As for porches, I can see myself sitting in a rocking chair on mine, next summer, cradling a bore, wondering what unsavoury little fellow the eldest daughter tries to slip in the back door. The Hammacher and Schlemmer benches are clever and in some aspects more functional for ‘real’ work, and I would take one in a flash, but they are not examples of fine joinery and they simply lack sex appeal. Yes I am indeed thinking about building a Melhuish bench. I realise they are essentially gentlemen’s tool chests on steroids, but they are extremely cute despite their limited utility for serious work bigger than carving and fretwork. These are the markets that Melhuish seems to have targeted these benches too.

Myford “4

Download File With the filing rest delivery I had inquired about some touch-up paint for the lathe base, which I had put some chips in while fumbling with wrenches and chuck keys. They kindly sent me a small vial of matching paint, free of charge. Since inquiring about the paint I had become less concerned with such details, which are the inevitable result of using something at least for klutzes like myself.

I should have transferred the paint to a more air tight vial, it has subsequently dried up For turning longer lengths of material a means of support is required.

Tailstock chuck for lathe in Bembridge. View this and ‘s more Other Tools ads on Wightbay! Lathe tailstock chuck as illustrated – no maker marked, but this is in very good condition with smooth action, much too good to throw away from a selection of discarded tools.

Such commission bids will only be accepted from persons who have viewed the Sale and completed the requisite bidding form available at the Sales Office. The original certificate must be left with the Auctioneers. Upon the above requirements being met in full, a refund of the VAT deposit will be made to the purchaser. At Chatteris, follow the A signposted to Ely and the Saleground will be seen on thel eft-hand side, opposite Sutton village.

Therefore, Purchasers are requested to attend at the Sales Office during View Day or prior to the commencement of the Sale, so that full details of the intending Purchaser’s name, address, bankers and other relevant information may be recorded. Failure to obtain a buyer’s bid card may result in the Auctioneer refusing to accept your bid. If you have a permanent bidding number with us, please use this number.

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Posted on December 5, by LWK A great sign of just how much Nottingham Hackspace has grown over the last 12 months is that it took less than a week to go from one random suggestion of getting a metal lathe. A metal lathe is a tool that should be on every Hackspace tool list and it has been on ours since the start. But the initial cost plus accessories and tooling left in way into our future plans.

David recently had a few recommendations for the Myford ML7 lathe and has talked to a few people about possible getting one.

A traditional ultra high quality synthetic coach and machinery enamel colour match for Myford Lathe Grey, the correct shade for the Myford range of lathes which were painted in the distinctive grey shade, such as the series 7 machines produced from to

Anyone wanting to purchase any number of small tools and engineering items. Happy to supply someone looking to stock or set up a small business selling all sorts of tooling, from taps and dies to hand tools to drill chucks, etc, etc Please call me, Howard, on Just arrived, waiting for photos to be published. Call for early viewing. Just arrived, please call on or Average condition, but all there. Bed has wear and marks but the rest looks ok on initial brief look round.

Happy to discuss a good price for quick sale. Good original grey condition.


The Curmudgeon of Bonneville Bruce Geisler The Poks have been around since the early 50’s and have been doing this alley deal for as long as anyone can remember. Club members and guests come together to do whatever comes natural when fifty or so car guys are found in one spot surrounded by cars, their adult refreshment of choice and about twenty pounds of shell peanuts.

AHDK LATHE WITH KA-TS3 COPIER A lot more lathe for a li ttle more money! I am currently writing a dating history of the Stanley # 5 5, i f any of your readers would care to correspond. -David Weinbaum, Myford lathe, and offer immediate service. The catalog belongs on your workbench. Send for two-year subscription, refundable.

The technical knowledge and manufacturing expertise behind Oilite bearings have resulted in a vast array of sophisticated, high quality components that are supplied to across a wide range of industries throughout the world. They have since been used in everything from the iconic Supermarine Spitfire to Formula 1 cars.

Oilite bearings continue to set the standard for all other self-lubricating bearings and Bowman International is proud to be the sole supplier of genuine Oilite bearings in the UK and Europe in partnership with Beemer Precision Inc. Widest range in Europe Oilite bearings are the most popular self-lubricating bearings in the UK, but they are also in high demand in Europe. Bowman International offers the widest choice of Oilite bearings anywhere in Europe with standard stock ranges available in metric and imperial.

We stock a vast range of European sizes to ensure our customers always have the benefit of fast delivery, regardless of whereabouts in Europe they are located. Special additives are also available for use with various shaft material and finishes. We are also able to offer special oil to suit customer specific requirements. Proximity to heat could cause oil loss by sweating, in which case recoiling is necessary before fitting. Soak in oil if storage conditions are in doubt.

We are able to offer Oilite bearings in sealed plastic bags or boxes.


Steam Power I have a life-long interest in steam power, steam engines, turbines, boilers, and the accessories. Whether it is for Railroad applications, Seagoing vessels, or Stationary power facilities, it is all interesting. I think I find Steam power so fascinating because it is something a person with ordinary knowledge and skills can build with their own hands and simple tools.

Find lathe tools in Western Cape! View Gumtree Free Online Classified Ads for lathe tools in Western Cape and more.

The foundation of this success – and his Company’s rise to pre-eminence amongst the then many competing makers of small lathes – was a range of just four machines: Each version was of identical general arrangement, lightly built, using a “cantilever” bed of box-form section with flat-topped, 60 deg. With a standard-fit 6: However, despite their limitations of size and strength, the machines proved immensely popular and the Myford Company, based on their reputation of offering value-for-money accuracy and a wide range of accessories, went from strength to strength to emerge as the pre-eminent maker of small lathes in the UK.

Because of their very similar appearance and the confusing foundry marks – A1, A2, B1, B2 etc. However, this single lathe was to develop first into the ML. The ML1 and ML2 could swing 8. Both ranges were built from the early s until, in , instructions were received from the war-time Government’s Machine Tool Control Rationalisation Board to stop production and take over from Drummond busy with the important Maximatic production lathes manufacture of the Armed Services’ standard small lathe, the M-Type.

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g & Sons /4″ Single Plane Iron, Tapered, Old Stock. Unused. Unused old stock dating from before World War 2. Please note: sample photo of a typical iron as we have a quantity of these.

There is is a little bit more info buried in a footnote on one of the Myford pages on Lathes. In Ted married and, with twin daughters born in , moved to Beeston in to take up employment with Myford. Like most of his generation in senior engineering positions he was a hands-on man and, when his apprentices found a job too difficult, he would go down to the shop floor and demonstrate how it should be done. Popular with both the owners the Moore family and with the workforce he rose to become Works manager.

However, even after he retired he would spent many hours each week at the factory in an ‘advisory’ capacity – he really did live and breathe Myford machine tools. Every year his young nephew Phillip, together with his father, I would go to the Model Engineering Exhibition in London, not only to see the models on display but, just as importantly, to see Ted. One visit Phillip spent an hour on the Myford stand learning woodturning from their demonstrator, a Mr.

Fred Payne; “He taught me more about the craft in an hour than I would ever have learnt at school in a year.

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Drummond 5-inch Double-height Bed Photo Essay Having made, in , their first one-off lathe, by the Drummond Brothers, Arthur and Frank, were operating an engineering company from the outbuilding of a farmhouse, then some two-and-half miles from the centre of Guildford. Using just a couple of lathes, a small planing machine and a drill – all powered from an oil engine – the workshop began by turning out two types of machine: From these humble beginnings the company grew to become one of the largest employers in the area and, maintaining their independence until after the Second World War, became one of the best-known English machine-tool companies.

However, although Drummond always had a strong presence in the industrial market and expanded to supply many complex and ordinary machine tools for the motor and other trades including a now-rare small radial-arm drill , they were to become better known amongst the general public for their smaller machines starting, in with a flat-bed 3. Although the early flat-bed lathes are often referred to as the “B Type” strictly speaking that designation did not apply until the appearance of a much-modified lathe in – and after the introduction of Round Bed in , a lathe Drummond branded the “A Type”.

In sacrificing some rigidity in favour of stylistic adornment the lathe followed late 19th century practice note the shape of the bed and the graceful sweep of the headstock casting but the design was sound and the features introduced during the first few years of production – a compound slide rest, adjustable headstock bearings, dog clutch on the leadscrew, backgear, set-over tailstock and swing headstock – were guaranteed to appeal to the market.

Myford Metal Lathe, Floor Safe, Cement Mixer (As New), Wood Burning Stove, Wash and Tar Boilers, Stewart Marine Engine c/w Prop Shaft and Exhaust, Life Size Advertising Figure, APP 40 Vintage Wheel Centres inc Pair Wooden, Power Petrol Globe, Climax Fork Lift.

An interesting article about rebuilding an ML7 here and a photo essay about the ML7 here. Occasionally unused ML7 lathes are discovered, two entirely original ones are shown on this page and another lower down this page. The concept was not, however, new for the same kind of integrated design had been introduced as long ago as in the form of the 9-inch Atlas developed into the long-lived inch model , and the neat little ” 6-inch ” first made in The ML7R was not based on the ML7 but on the Super 7 – the model being created by leaving off the spindle clutch and fitting the less expensive cross and top slides from the ordinary ML7.

A detailed description of the Myford ML7, and other Myford Series 7 and 10 models, can be found here , an interesting article about rebuilding an ML7 here and a photo essay about the ML7 here. A number of copies of the ML7 have been found, some quite dreadful but also including a rather fine one, shown at the bottom of the page, by the Italian firm Minganti.

Some pictures are high resolution and may take time to load Badge used on the spindle belt guard cover on all ML7 lathes – and the Myford publicity department produced this sectional drawing. For a very high-resolution download 39MB that you can copy to an pen-drive and have printed out in colour on an A2 sheet by your local graphics shop, click on the picture or here be patient, it takes time… Discovered unused in , this ML7 is shown as delivered to the customer and requiring basic assembly.

Another two examples, in original finishes, can be seen An unused ML7, found in its crate during The original paint having deteriorated in storage, the owner repainted in Myford colours.

Watchmakers Lathe

Whenever you tackle a complex turning task, one that involves repeating a series of operations on several parts, you may get frustrated by the limitations of the standard 4-position toolholder. Four Position Toolholder One problem is that, in practice, these normally only holds two tools conveniently. Note that although it can be made entirely using the lathe itself, milling the dovetails and tool holder slots is much easier if you have access to a milling machine.

This is also a project which is made much easier if you have a metal cutting power saw of some kind.

Ball turning attachment for Myford lathes. from Tengzhou UniTech Co., Ltd. on Alibaba. Learn More Logan 14 beltdriven lathe w/ pneumatic grinding. lathe attachments fall into two general classes 1 those which increase speed 2 those which equip the lathe to Wikipedia. The lathe is an ancient tool, dating at least to.

The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM if you wish to see the machines and other displays in person. Click photo for larger image. Upon leaving the radio control industry in the ‘s he began as an importer for small lathes from Australia that were to be sold by Sears under the Craftsman name. He also marketed the tools himself under the Sherline name and eventually began producing them in the United States in , having purchased the rights to do so.

Expanding the tool and accessory line over the years has given him an appreciation for what these early manufacturers had to deal with in the design, production and marketing of small tools. A few years ago Joe began purchasing small tools as he found them available at shows or auctions. Several have since been donated by other patrons who appreciate small tools and want share them with others.

This is just the basis of a good tool collection.

The Myford ML10 Lathe

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