Pontiac Street Performance

Pontiac Street Performance

This engine assembly includes a short-runner Cobra Jet intake manifold. Drivetrain Interface Like all modular engines, the 5. Such plates can also help to correct starter tooth-engagement problems. For the moment, that leaves older automatics as the only practical choice. To bolt aftermarket-style, retrofit Ford-style T56 transmissions like those offered by FRPP and aftermarket transmission shops into a modular motor including the 5. If you need a solution for other, even non-Ford, manual transmissions, Quicktime offers many weird adaption bellhousings. The downside right now is cost.

Installing A PCV Air/Oil Separator Filter

I am by no means an expert on fuel. And I am confident that I have seized more pistons in those 28 years than any other human on any continent. Gallon jugs of industrial strength muriatic acid, used to dissolve aluminum smeared onto cylinder walls by pistons trying to grow larger than the bore size , are cheaper when you buy cases of four!

And we now listen to knock while testing so damage from deto is now rare.

there should be a large vacuum source on the base of the carb. if not you’ll need to tee off the one going to the power brake booster.

Originally posted by dennismac I think some people here simply are too lazy to read a post thoroughly and just want to jump in and criticize. I never asked where the pcv valve itself went. I asked for specific advice for a modified vehicle and got all kinds of so called advice that had no bearing on the question.

I asked a simple question and had thinds descibed that had no bearing. On a stock manifold, and also on my old torkerII there there was an allowance for the pcv connection. Also my prior carb had no fitting in the front for a possible hook-up to a pcv valve. I could have hunted for pictures all day and never found my combo, and even had I found it, would never have known if it was a good idea or not.

To be called lazy for asking for an opinion is childish.

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Reply I may the only person in the world that followed Holley’s suggestion to remove extra wires from 2 harnesses provided but now I find that I cannot go back. By that I mean originally I wired for a standard points system and since moved to a mag distributor and want the sniper to control timing. There is no information about color and placement that I can find.

I have been on infinite hold trying to get the information and gave up. So I decided to post on the forum thinking that they would chime in but instead I got the usual ‘call tech support’. Could you post a pic of both plugs showing color and location on the plugs.

May 05,  · But a PCV hookup between the throttle and supercharger as in a typical roots blower type arrangement should work well, I think, and avoid boost. On my car, since I will be using water/meth injection, oil contamination is a big risk.

PCV systems prolong oil life, reduce oil contamination and promote engine sealing when there is vacuum, and an open breather system is a last resort or when running wide open throttle for most of the engine’s operating cycle. This couldn’t be farther from fact. The PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve’s primary function is to allow the induction system to suck fresh air via an inlet breather through the crankcase of the engine, and into the combustion chamber.

The vacuum created by the engine’s normal pumping process produces the necessary suction to pull air from the crankcase. Since a one-ended suction alone wouldn’t allow any air to be moved at all, an inlet vent, or “breather,” is needed to allow fresh air to enter, thus promoting a constant airflow through the crankcase. The PCV valve itself is metered as to not create a significant “vacuum leak,” thereby interfering with the normal operation of the engine. A PCV pull’s it’s valve open which vacuums out the engine under all conditions other than a low vacuum situation, for instance, when the engine is under a heavy load.

For engines that spend more of their time under full throttle than not, they would be better served by a “scavenging PCV system,” which usually gets it’s “vacuum” by siphoning air flow off of the headers. The benefit of a full working PCV system starts off with creating a positive vacuum in the crankcase, thereby reducing potential oil leaks past gaskets and seals, as well as pulling the oil rings tighter on the bottom sides of the piston, which in turn result in better cylinder efficiency, less blow-by, more power and less fuel used.

The primary benefit is, the constant airflow “vacuums” all the harmful contaminants, acids, moisture and airborne dirt from the engine’s crankcase, thereby increasing engine life, oil life, and overall performance. This particular PCV valve is a disguised billet aluminum valve cover cap yellow , with the PCV valve itself hidden inside, aesthetic purposes only.

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I have had problems with oil being sucked right into the intake on my car after installing a good PCV system Well, first, -all- PCV systems suck in some oil. But it should not be enough to cause visible smoke.

Dec 17,  · i have a b18b the newer ones with the pcv on the valve cover and it has no pcv chamber (black box) on the back of the block and im getting it Boosted. ok my problem is i was reading that i should remove this or bypass the pcv.

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Cobra Valley’s HOW TO PLUMB Positive Crankcase Ventilation Systems

The connector has the OEM markings and part The quality is excellent. There are a pair of 3’8″ posts pressed into the intake between the center and rear carbs. Hoses attach to the nylon connector. The connector points to the passenger side. I also have two other connectors in the shopping cart that are shaped as an F-fitting that have been used on the 66 intake.

May 05,  · But a PCV hookup between the throttle and supercharger as in a typical roots blower type arrangement should work well, I think, and avoid boost. On my car, since I will be using water/meth injection, oil contamination is a big risk.

Originally Posted by redneckengineered Pulled this thread up through search as I was dealing with a similar issue recently. While diagnosing why a tune wasn’t quite right on a L94, I found the vacuum port right underneath the MAP sensor was uncapped and was pulling a shit load of unmetered air see attached pic.

I have since capped this port, and you can see that the port coming off the valley cover is capped as well. The motor runs great now. However, since doing this I noticed the motor takes several seconds to crank before firing off hot or cold. It doesn’t sputter, just crank crank crank crank vroom. It definitely takes longer than it should IMO. Both valve cover breathers are routed to catch cans which vent to atmosphere. Is this a coincidence or did me capping that vacuum port change something when starting up.

Difference Between PVC wire, Hook up wire, Mil spec wire and Teflon wire

How do you hook up a CD player into an ’84 Chevy Celebrity? The easiest way is with what is called a “receiver connector”, basically it connects all your stock plugs and make them into bare wires so you don’t have to cut off the stock plugs. You can then take thos bare wires and use the connector that came with your aftermarket stereo, splice the… wires together and you are in business.

Chrome-plated breathers feature metal baffle/foam elements, either with or without a PCV hookup tube. There’s even a model to replace your PCV valve.

I’ve been online the past few days researching how to set up the PCV, along with the breather, and what are the correct parts I need to purchase. In searching, I see the different people install and connect the PCV differently. I just got my engine back from the builder. It is an H code motor, not converted to a 4v motor. I have purchased a set of inexpensive Edelbrock chrome valve covers to install. I will be using a Holley avenger carburetor, and edelbrock manifold.

I guess my first question is do I need a spacer plate, or will the PCV hose connect directly to the carb? Should the front portion of the drivers side valve cover have the oil cap installed, and a hose routed to the back of the carburetor? If this is correct, does the PCV install into the oil cap, or inline with the hose prior to connecting to the rear of the carb? On the rear portion of the passenger valve cover, should there be a breather connected to a hose that connects to the air filter?

PCV valve 2000 Honda Civic

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